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Freshnewcut offers fresh and interesting content to its 25 million+ monthly unique lead visitors and over 1 million registered members, the majority of whom are between the ages of 18 and 36. We’re a great way to reach out to customers and a great place to advertise businesses, goods, and services, as well as promote new songs, mixtapes, albums, and music videos.

Freshnewcut appeals to an ever-increasing population of young, internet-savvy consumers, and we make it incredibly easy for you to get out to them. As a result, whether you’re a corporation or a recording artist, we’ve got you covered. offers a variety of advertising options.


FNC standard banners are available in the following sizes: 575×275, 360×150, 1906×725, 970×250, 728×90, 300×250, 300×600, 970×90, and 395×225. Our banner ads are sold on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click), or CPD basis (Cost Per Day).

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Video Adverts

Pre-Roll: A pre-roll ad is a promotional film that plays before the video that the user has chosen to watch.

Mid-Roll: A mid-roll ad appears in the middle of the video material a user is watching.

Post-Roll: A post-roll commercial, on the other hand, is a promotional film that plays after the main video has ended.

Pop-Video: A pop-video ad displays on the screen in the middle of a targeted user’s current loading page.

Advertiser’s video material gets enlisted in Freshnewcut’s featured shows, video chart, and releases updates as a featured video ad.

All advertisements may be made ad-specific, geo-targeted by location, state, and country, and come in a variety of formats. Video advertising are either offered on a CPD (cost per day) basis or as a fixed campaigns.

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Radio Hype & Ads

Radio Hypes: We introduce your brand and materials to season radio programmers (PDs and MDs), On Air Personalities (OAPs), Publicists, Promotions Staff, and On Air Disc Jockeys in order to create relevancy and fill marketing gaps in their respective domains for the benefit of your own creativity and releases.

Jingles: Jingles are used to insert recorded audio advertisements as pre-roll, post-roll, and mid-roll anytime a user is listening to singles or radio programs. Jingles also apply to recorded podcasts and Freshnewcut archives.

Audio Interviews: We scheduled and engaged you in a professional studio interview that was specifically designed to highlight you and your beliefs to relevant targets through questions and audience participation. The live radio interview is then recorded and broadcast for free on freshnewcut, social networks, and related websites, resulting in huge exposure.

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We’ve worked with a diverse variety of clients, including corporations, record labels, small businesses, and artists, to create bespoke marketing campaigns ranging from company branding to new product launches.

Contact our advertising team helpdesk to discuss bespoke integrations, skin takeovers, and sponsored artist possibilities, or call +2347026288905 to explore some of the numerous choices available.

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