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When the people of Dog Town become too noisy for their own good, the neighbors notice and appeal for assistance in a last-ditch effort to restore peace and justice.

[fwdevp preset_id="VideoPlayer" video_path="{source:'', label:'Ogre - The Movie', videoType:'normal', isPrivate:'no'}" start_at_video="1" playback_rate_speed="1"] Posts Leaderboard 728x90Place Advert Here Storyline: Cupcake and Leaf, two small trolls from all around the realm, beg the King to declare Trolls Friends Day, a new festival celebrating all trolls and their friends. As they navigate a huge region for the first time, [...]

Mother’s Day is rapidly coming, and the entire ocean is buzzing with activity. Fifi and Finn, two little siblings, are eager to go shopping and get something special for their mother. They are abruptly diverted by Kiki, a lost tiny pufferfish. Our three juvenile fish are searching high and low for a place to call home.

Bert’s uncle and businessman, Mr. Hollis, is Bert’s uncle. Mr. Hollis is displeased that an elephant has surpassed his nephew, but he seeks assistance from the jungle doctor. He writes a cursed prescription for Dr. Jumbo, and Jumbo begins to lose his memory. Jumbo wants to withdraw from the tournament since he can’t recall even the simplest things. However, his buddies intervene and seek assistance from a dinosaur.

When the wicked Bad Clyde puts an evil spell banishing the adored Benny the Easter Bunny to the terrible Land of the Holiday Misfits, Santa Claus and his handy dandy sidekick, Gargaff a Reindeer, spring into action but mostly embark on an epic, cross journey that requires them from the North Pole to never-before-seen lands, all in the name of rescuing Benny and saving the Easter holiday for children all over the world.

Sunny and Petal, two inquisitive bees, are about to enjoy the fun of their lives. Telling tales is a fun activity, but sharing tales about God is much more so. Join in the joy as they listen to wonderful story after wonderful tale about their heavenly creator. You’ve heard of bumblebees and honeybees, but now it’s time to meet the Bible Bees.

With the aid of Meechee and the S.E.S – Smallfoot Evidentiary Society, a yeti named Migo is persuaded that a human known only as “Small Foot” is genuine and must prove it to his clan.

Adam, a teen outcast, embarks on a perilous journey to explore the mystery surrounding his long-lost father, only to discover that he is none other than the fabled Bigfoot! For years, he’s been hiding deep in the forest to hide himself and his family from HairCo., a massive organization eager to do scientific experiments on his unique DNA.

Nuke is an ordinary metropolitan elephant with a mundane desk job who dreams of spectacular intergalactic adventures. Nuke teams up with renegade fighter Squeeze Whistle, a courageous space squirrel, on a fur-raising journey to save a princess and stop an evil mouse from taking over the cosmos.

Scout and Axle encounter Barney the Owl. With the two, Barney embarks on a voyage to Imagination Land, a realm where everything is possible. The characters recount their stories, demonstrating the origins of storytelling as well as the creative process.

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