A man and a lady from opposing sides fall in love in a place where the inhabitants have been split for a long time due to a long-ago conflict. Despite their families’ best efforts to keep them apart, they finally become the impetus for the community’s reunification.

The Power of One campaign aims to instill in Nigerians the belief in the ability of a single person to make a big change in our society.

As a husband and wife earn nominations for the two main parties’ candidates in the forthcoming governor race, sparks flare. Will their marriage be able to withstand this once-in-a-lifetime event?

Oloture is a film set in Nigeria about a young, inexperienced Nigerian journalist who goes undercover to uncover the shadowy world of human trafficking. Oloture finds warmth and companionship with Blessing, Linda, and Beauty, the prostitutes she lives with, despite the harsh atmosphere, which is teeming with vicious traffickers and pimps.

A disgruntled London chef travels to Nigeria to deal with her mother’s matchmaking and the family’s crumbling hotel. When she learns that the guy she loves is purchasing it, she is devastated.

Bem is the epitome of a gentleman. With beautiful appearance, a nice tongue, and a mind that is only surpassed by his humor. Bem’s first reaction when contacted by an old acquaintance, Wole Baba, regarding a job is to walk away, fearing the heat that such a job will bring.

Dare, a rich young guy with a strong temper, is trapped in an elevator with a semi-literate pregnant lady in Elevator Baby. Dare has no option but to try to save both mother and kid as she goes into labor.

When the Sugar Sisters uncover $800,000, the Financial Crimes Commission and the money’s alleged owners come for them. Now they must work together with surprising friends in a race against time to put things right.

Isoken is a source of concern for the whole Osayande family. Despite having what looks to be the perfect life – attractive, successful, and surrounded by wonderful family and friends – Isoken is still single at the age of 34, which is reason for considerable concern in a country obsessed with marriage.

When a down-on-his-luck businessman hires a former drug smuggler and confidence artist to help him marry a wealthy heiress, she gets more than she bargained for. Things gradually deteriorate when she realizes that the plot is more complicated than it appears.

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