EXPOSED: Unveiling the true enemies of Nigerian People

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These men at the helm of affairs were running Nigeria aground with their corrupt ways. Ministers under them were living flamboyant lifestyles and looting public funds at the expense of ordinary citizens.

Without mincing the present state of Nigeria, it is obvious that the Nigeria state has failed woefully in all aspect of governance due to bad leadership. Since Independence, the envisioned federal state ‘Nigeria’ has been manipulated by these clique of persons, enacting and enforcing uncivil decrees which they later enshrined as the 1999 constitution.

The 1999 constitution has never been related nor extracted from the United States of America’s constitution as claimed. The constitution was framed and enacted by these same sects of corrupt persons with their topmost agenda ‘Islamization of Nigeria’ that is, to conquer and emerging Nigeria as an Islamic state of the Fula caliphates, a jihadism ambition started and fostered by Usman Dan Fodio. Usman was a Fulani scholar, itinerant Muslim preacher, Islamic teacher, revolutionary, militia leader, and a core promoter of Jihad across western part of Africa.

To influence and take over Nigeria and other west African countries, they were brought-up and taught to believe; that they were superior to other tribes and nationalities. Also made to believe, that they ones lived together in peace and harmony as a nation “Islamic state” before the entire West Africa region; was taken from their fore fathers by the whites ‘British’ and was given to infidels “Other tribes” it does not matter if a person is a Christian, a Muslim or a Traditional worshiper, you are considered as an infidel, if you are not a Fulani Muslim.

This was eminent in Usman Dan Fodio’s books repeatedly and has been the major reason for the minority “Fulanis” to kill northern kings and mallams, married their wives in other to mix their tribes, impose Islam on them and install one of their own to rule over any conquered kingdom. This was carried out across all northern part of Nigeria by the Fulani militias led by Usman Dan Fodio, Sir Ahmadu Bello and numerous northern fula-influenced military head-of-states to achieve one goal “The establishment of the caliphates in Nigeria”.

In order to accomplish their goal, they were instigated:

To grip and hold on to power at all cost, that’s the reason we have more Hausa and Fulanis in the military than other tribes, Fulanis and trusted northern military personnel were placed to manage every top positions in the Army, Navy, Police, DSS, Customs and and so on. In reality, one of them is always in position to accept and decline registrants into the Nigeria Defense Academy (NDA), and this same method and bias skim is applied to other government enrollment procedures.

To embrace “Taqiyya” that is to pretend not to be a Jihadist nor Islamic extremist and to pretend to be equal with other persons either Muslims, Christians or Traditional believers; until they are told to start implementation of their agenda by the northern ruling class “The caliphate sects”.

To pursue supports across the nation they’re known to favour and enriching certain individuals “Elites” from other tribes and regions across all tiers of government and professions; mostly traditional rulers, professors, activists, lawyers, retired police and military officers, industrialists and local influencers “Politicians”.

To covered stolen funds and steal more public funds to finance Jihad with impurity and safeguard themselves with immunity bills as stated in the fraudulent “1999 Constitution” without any form of conference, announcement, consultation or regional dialogue.

No doubt, Nigeria has been led, crippled and sucked by men from all tribes of Nigeria, mostly by the Fulanis and Hausas in the Army, Air force, Navy, Police, Custom service, including desperate politicians and civil servants across government parastatals, whom are so erratic, nepotistic, power drunk, desperate and heartless.

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