Elevator Baby

In Elevator Baby, a privileged young man with a fiery temper is trapped in an elevator with a semi-literate pregnant woman in Elevator Baby.

elevator baby

Coming from Insanity

A 12-year-old boy (KOSSI) with genius-level intelligence is one of many children trafficked through Nigerian borders from Togo in the mid-1990s. He ends up with the Martins, a four-member upper-middle-class family in Lagos.

coming from insanity

Bob Hearts Abishola

While recovering from a heart attack, Bob, a middle-aged compression-sock businessman from Detroit, unexpectedly falls for his cardiac nurse and sets his sights on winning her over.

bob love abishola


A man and a woman from opposing sides fall in love in a land where the people have been divided for a long time due to a long-ago disagreement. Despite their families' best efforts to keep them apart, they eventually become the reason the community comes together again.



The tale is told from two perspectives: that of a young pregnant woman and that of her husband, a soldier accused of involvement in the failed 1976 military coup and assassination of Nigeria's Head-of-State, General Murtala Mohammed.


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