How to Make Furniture Polish ~ Recipe I

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How to Make Furniture Polish -

Homemade wood polish does ponders for your wood furniture by cleaning, saturating, and securing it simultaneously.

Regardless of whether you need to set aside some cash or you attempting to reduce the amount of bought synthetics in your family, creating your own furniture finish is a sound strategy to save your wood pieces shining. Furthermore, it’s completely innocuous, child and pet-accommodating! You just need not many natural family items that you conceivably as of now have in your kitchen pantries.

This simple to-get formula for wood furniture finish chains just three home-care monsters: white vinegar, a characteristic germ-free; olive oil, which finely conditions and finishes wood; and lemon, which is loaded up with finish lifting citrus extract. You can whip up this successful wood finish like a flash. Also, it smells so lovely, you will be drawn to use any remaining parts on your serving of mixed greens — Just joking.


– Olive oil

– Vinegar

– Fresh-pressed lemon juice


– Bowl

– 2 cleaning fabrics, a microfiber


1) Mix the fixings: You’ll need 2 sections vinegar, 2 sections olive oil, and 1 section lemon juice. Make just however much you hope to use, as any extra can go malodorous before you will go through it.

2) Ready the fabric: Lightly plunge the edge of one of the microfiber materials into the clean. A smidgen goes far here, so don’t get carried away.

3) Apply to your wood surfaces: Going with the grain, rub the blend into the wood. Plunge your fabric into the combination again depending on the situation.

4) Wipe up the overabundance: Using the subsequent material, go over the surface once more, actually following the grain. This will get any oil that hasn’t retained into the wood.

Note: Although it’s enticing tackle all wood surface in your family, don’t utilize this finish on hardwood floors. On the off chance that you do, kindly permit oil to ingest totally, it can make the floors be elusive (wellbeing risk!), and the vinegar’s pH can be too sporadic on your floor’s completion.

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