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Earnings for Musicians, Producers & Djs

Earnings for Movie Makers, Photographers & Writers

Terms of use: Downloading or watching your own music, movie, or article on the official website of freshnewcut is banned; such behavior will result in account cancellation and subsequent suspensions.

Monetizing Plan: This is the process of converting your non-profitable music or film into cash. You pay a little fee to market and monetize your work, basically liquidating your submitted stuff into cash.

Earnings: Earnings relate to the amount of money you are entitled to after people on Freshnewcut have seen or downloaded your work. It reflects the profitability of your account, which can be seen on your account dashboard.

Boundary: The greatest quantity of views or downloads you may earn with a monetization plan is referred to as the boundary. Figures after a plan’s boundary are counterfeit and not liable to payment.

Threshold: This is the minimum number of views or downloads required before profits may be sent into your supplied bank account.

Total Earnings: The total amount you may earn with a plan based on the plan’s boundary, threshold, and length.

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