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Music: As a Freshnewcut registered user, you may upload music through your membership dashboard and monetize them for profit. After backend verification and transaction, the posted song(s) becomes live.

Movie: The process of promoting and monetizing a movie trailer or full film on Freshnewcut is different from that of music submission. Before contacting Freshnewcut for promotion, ownership verification and censorship must have been completed, with the exception of trailers. After verification and transaction, the movie(s) is/are made available for viewing.

News & Articles: You may compose an article and submit it for publication on Freshnewcut as a Freshnewcut user. Our team of seasoned writers and journalists receive and investigate your write-up, whether it was a hype write-up or a genuine life story, they were always on desk to re-edit and polish your aims for people to read and like, and don’t forget that making it viral is a piece of cake with us.

Viral: You submit your attractive and engaging photos / video materials via “Viral” medium, which is solely available to registered users, to advertise and make money on them.

TvShows: You may request to be featured in any of our shows as a Freshnewcut premium user, and you’ll be notified immediately after we receive your request and transaction. Our media specialists will come to you with a questionnaire, camera and documents, including the recording date for your forthcoming program.

Events: You must have been a registered member of Freshnewcut to promote events such as weddings, burials, proposals, cruises, birthday parties, seminars, and other types of events. We ensure that you have complete permission to share the photos by having you sign an MOU, which must be recognized, signed, and returned before the event(s) may be viewed and enjoyed by other people.

Freshnewcut automatically monetized all sponsored articles and materials since we encourage all of our registered users to browse, read, and share our submitted post materials throughout their different social media platforms, and they certainly receive money for doing so. Currently, more than 25 million freshnewcut people share our material, and we’re continuously expanding.

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